GR001 – The Founders, Getting Started

To start the challenge I built this modest little home with some of the basics and some room to grow. Knowing that bills are going to be a problem early on, I attempted to keep the house relatively inexpensive and simple.. coming in at just over $33k, I’m not sure if I accomplished that.

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Meet Jerrod and Tessa Kale, a newlywed couple who wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of city living for a more natural, home grown approach. After giving away all their worldly possessions and saying goodbye to their friends and family, the couple ended up in Newcrest which they hope to grow into a self-sustaining, vegan community.

With nervous excitement, they took to Newcrest and began their life of living off the land. Tessa explored her interests in Photography and Writing, even completing a few books to be published! Jerrod enjoys Painting, Fishing and Gardening in his free time.

As it happens with newlyweds with aspirations of a big family, a pregnancy was not far behind. Tessa is excited to start their family, but Jerrod isn’t sure if they’re ready. It wasn’t long before they welcomed their first born son, Jasper, into the world. Jerrod quickly came around to the joys of fatherhood and welcomed the news that baby #2 is coming! The Kales seem well on their way to achieving their dreams.

Challenge Goals

  • [X] 8/8 Full Garden Boxes
  • [  ] Park Built
  • [  ] Tessa’s Aspiration Finished
  • [  ] Jerrod’s Aspiration Finished
  • [  ] 2/10 Pregnancies
  • [  ] 0/10 Teens Moved Out

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