GR002 – Growing Home and Family

Jerrod and Tessa were enjoying their simple, natural life surrounded by their family.

Jerrod developed quite the green thumb, his garden flourished and expanded to include various fruits and vegetables as well as several types of flowers. Tessa continued writing and quickly became a master of her skill, she even wrote a few best-sellers! She enjoys writing about family, living off the grid, and their self-sustaining, vegan lifestyle.

As their home and garden expanded, so did their family. Isabelle was soon born, then twins Eden and Owen. Jasper was a talkative and imaginative toddler, mastering those skills before growing into an inquisitive young boy with an interest in learning more about the world around him.


06-13-17_7-44-15 PM-(1)

Challenge Goals

  • [X] 8/8 Full Garden Boxes
  • [  ] Park Built
  • [  ] Tessa’s Aspiration Finished
  • [  ] Jerrod’s Aspiration Finished
  • [  ] 3/10 Pregnancies
  • [  ] 0/10 Teens Moved Out

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