GR003 – #BabyFactory

What was once a small and cozy home is now flooded with the sound of crying babies and the pitter-patter of tiny feet. The dirty dishes are piling up, Jerrod’s garden isn’t getting as much attention as it should and Tessa can’t even remember the last time she got to write.. but they wouldn’t change anything about their close-knit family.


Jasper, the eldest, has been focusing on his school work and doing all the extra credit he can. He quickly made it to the top of his class. He enjoys experimenting with the science table and playing chess in his free time.

Isabelle is growing quickly and is quite the little chatter box. She mastered the skill of communication early on and has become quite the social butterfly in her childhood years. Less focused then her older brother, she would prefer to spend her time chatting with friends online then completing her homework.

The twins Eden and Owen are.. well, they are surviving. They don’t get along very well and often have to stay in other rooms to avoid bickering. I’m not sure if it’s sibling rivalry, some kind of twin thing or they are just struggling for attention. Hopefully they can learn to like each other because as the town’s future Gurus they will need to get along!

The family welcomed Ryker and Baby Kale #6 is expected any time now.

Challenge Goals

  • [X] 8/8 Full Garden Boxes
  • [  ] Park Built
  • [  ] Tessa’s Aspiration Finished
  • [  ] Jerrod’s Aspiration Finished
  • [  ] 5/10 Pregnancies
  • [  ] 0/10 Teens Moved Out

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