GR004 – Jasper Moves Out, Founder’s Park

It’s amazing how time flies, but that time has come for Jasper to head out on his own and settle down in town to start his own family. Jasper feels confident and prepared for the road ahead, he spent much of his time excelling in his studies, mastering his mental ability and aspirations of being a whiz kid.

To celebrate the successes of their first child moving out and the thriving community, Jerrod and Tessa decided to donate their entire life’s savings to building a community park. With a little over $40k in hand, then went to work and before no time had a large communal area for their family. They may make some adjustments here and there but overall they were very happy with their new addition to the town.

Challenge Goals

  • [X] 8/8 Full Garden Boxes
  • [X] Park Built
  • [  ] Tessa’s Aspiration Finished
  • [  ] Jerrod’s Aspiration Finished
  • [  ] 5/10 Pregnancies
  • [  ] 1/10 Teens Moved Out

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