Cartoon Creature Wall Art

These adorable creatures are perfect for any kids room! Base Game Compatible.

08-19-19_8-29-52 PM

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Separated Hair & Bow from Cats & Dogs

I needed more color options, I can’t be limited to only only bow color per hair color! Contains one CAS item for the hair and three CAS items for the scarf/bow, one for solid colors, one for the Flower pattern, and one for the Dog Bone pattern. Requires Sims 4 Cats & Dogs.

The bows are located in the ‘Hat’ categoryHair and bow items must be worn together to work properly. If you have any previous versions, please replace as this one is much better!


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Grayscale Paneless Stone Window Set

Contains recolors of the Ancient Paneless Window Panel and Paneless Rustic Stone Window to add 8 new colors, ranging in white to black. Requires Sims 4 Jungle Adventure.

Updated on 19 Aug 2019

Paneless Rustic Stone Window (8 colors)PREVIEW

Ancient Paneless Window Panel (8 colors)

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